Standing Stones

There are more than 50,000 neolithic standing stones in Western Europe which range from menhirs to monoliths to dolmen to megaliths to famous stone circles such as Avebury and Stonehenge. The vast majority are in the British Isles with a few exceptional sites in Brittany.

The purpose of these structures is still only guessed at – some are easily understood as burial chambers but the majority would seem to have been created for ceremonial purposes. Quite what those ceremonies were nobody will ever know except that most were aligned with the equinox or celestial bodies. There is power in the scale of each monolith and the effort that was applied to install each enormous menhir.

The ancients with their natural reading of nature and shamanistic outlook had the same desire to aesthetically embellish their habitat as we do today. At this moment, I believe we have a lot to gain from the power of simplicity.

These designs are inspired by some of the most beautiful Standing Stones. 

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