What to buy for Valentine's Day....?


What to buy for Valentine's Day....? 'Les Billets-Doux' note cards of course

Don't take our word for it.  Vanity Fair, A Little Bird and The Telegraph have all selected our love notes as the perfect gift on the 14th. 

Here's what The Telegraph said...

"The Telegraph's fashion team have scoured the web for their dream high street and high end Valentine's presents - perhaps they could serve as hints to send to your loved one if they (like our dates) seem a little clueless. Wishful thinking, right? 

These gorgeous hand-drawn illustrations and French phrases synonymous with love are so much better than a WhatsApp message"

While Vanity Fair urges you to....

"Treat yourself, or someone you like"

And Les Billets-Doux cards were on A Little Bird's list of...

"The prettiest things around this Valentine's Day"








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