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Sitting Pretty, rugs for sitting rooms

Explore sitting rooms featuring Luke Irwin rugs. We believe that the rug is the foundation of any room and here the rug completes the schemes together.

Here are our top tips for selecting the perfect rug for a sitting room.

In the sitting room the size of the rug is the most important consideration. The front legs of the furniture should sit on the rug. However if your space is open plan you can create room within a room using rugs to denote different zones. In this case the furniture should sit entirely on the rug.

Persian is the most sophisticated of the weaves and is good for a formal space or try a Berber is its more informal looser weave to create an appealing space in which to relax.




Read more on how to pick the perfect rug for your room be it a bedroom, dining room, hallway or study in our 'Tip To Find The Perfect Rug For Any Room'.

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