The Botanical Collection


This new collection is coloured using organic vegetable dyes including turmeric, indigo, chilli, rhubarb and henna to name just a few. Each rug is labeled with its 'ingredients' bringing the story to life.

Additionally, the finishing process is completely organic, and uses no chemicals to create the various wash or aged effects.

 The final result is one of jewel like tones that flicker with colour. Each rug created is individual and unique due to the nature of its making.

This also means each piece will age differently, dependant on where they live, and the nature of the customer’s life; fading and gaining character over time.   

The Botanical collection is not only a step towards a more sustainable approach to rug design, but it is also less expensive than those using man made dyes and finishes. A greener impact on the environment with an affordable price tag.

At a time when consumers are becoming more and more aware of the destruction of our planet from the use of chemically produced goods, we are making a conscious decision to shift towards a more sustainable and ethical production of rugs. The rugs from this collection will also express an individual personality as they age, moving away from the mass, identical production we as consumers have become so familiar and reliant on. Another aim for this collection was to create a rug that is not only sustainable and created without chemicals, but to also provide a more affordable product, going against the norm for organic, natural and ethically sourced products.” Luke Irwin


Photography by Kellie French


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