Collect 2019 at The Saatchi Gallery showcases Luke Irwin's new eco collection


COLLECT 2019: The VIP room

This week showcased the new eco Rug-In-Rug collection in the Collect 2019 VIP room at The Saatchi Gallery.  The space has been designed by interior designer Douglas Mackie and created by The Pimlico. 

The Wolf Berber piece on display, part of the new eco collection, is inspired by the use of natural fibres and undyed yarns seen in Native American horse blanket making. The wools used are left completely undyed creating a tonal palette of natural colours.  During the making process the rugs are washed only in water. 

 “The Rug-in-Rug collection marks a turning point in the interiors space. Consumers are not only looking for aesthetically pleasing rugs to compliment their room but they also want them ethically made using materials of the highest quality which don’t impact the environment. This collection is one of only a few organic rug collections on the market and offers our customers a truly sustainable option. ” Luke Irwin

The collection boasts a unique mixture of natural caramel and toffee hues woven into geometric patterns.  The raw nature of the wool give a certain warmth.   Each rug is an easy foundation piece for any room.



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