Our Christmas list...


This year we've be been keeping our Christmas shopping local. This is our Christmas list from our friends on the Pimlico Road.


Everything in the Palomino collection is crafted stitch by stitch in India and designed in Wiltshire. 

We're thinking of our Christmas table decorated with these leaf motif hand embroidered napkins. 

Shop for Christmas at the Palomino Pop Up Shop from Monday 7th December until Christmas at our showroom 46 Pimlico Road London SW1W 8LP.  

Or order through Instagram via DM @thepalominoshop or email info@thepalominoshop.com.

Happy Glass, £29 

This glass is an understated nod to the holiday season from our next door neighbour Daylesford Organic. 

Handmade in Italy.  

Blown with borosilicated glass and lamp-worked.  

Dishwasher safe.

Harry Dundas Photography 'Delay', £220  

Photographic stills taken from the art installation currently showing at the Luke Irwin Showroom.  

 Delivery lead time 7-10 days UK & Europe.

The Millicent Chair by Jamb 

From our friends at Jamb, the Millicent Chair is calling to us for fireside afternoons.  

With sack back upholstery and outscrolled arms, the Millicent chair is based on an early 19th century Howard and Sons model. 

Lunaria, Somerset 

This florist is based near us in Wiltshire. 

The owner, Deborah, has done our Pimlico Road showroom's Christmas window. 

We love their wreaths, they sell fast so if you've missed out get on the list for next year.


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