New Almanack Collection



An almanack has always carried a certain sense of wonder. Imagine being at a medieval market and happening upon these new books and the world opening up to you within its pages. Whether its pages contained weather forecasts for far of places, planting dates for ancient crops or celestial figures in the heavens tracking across the earth. The thrill of seeing events all arranged according to the calendar and knowing on a certain date an eclipse would fall or the exact heights of a spring or neap tide would have been tangible. 

The Almanack Collection includes pieces that evoke a moment in time. All of which are steeped with references for the senses. 

For example Bonfire Gloaming recalls the wisps of smoke from a smouldering bonfire in the milky half light at the end of an autumn day, cold on your nose as the sun sets and the feeling of slightly wet jumper cuffs from playing in the damp autumn leaves. While Flower Show evokes smells and sights of the rows of brilliant blooms carefully displayed in mismatching vases at canvas tented village flower shows and the warm scent hanging in the summer air. 

Our almanack will grow as we create and collect items with relevance to the calendar year. 

Above: Bonfire Night (left), Dog Days (right)

Above: Bonfire Gloaming (left), Flower Show (right) 

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