The New Berber Collection



Luke Irwin is delighted to announce the launch of his new Berber collection; ten colour-led pieces created using the traditional Berber knot. A highly versatile, keenly priced range, it works as well in a soft, barefoot space like a bedroom or dressing room as it does in more formal spaces.

A quick turnaround time and a competitive price point make the Berber rugs an ideal choice for any project, be it a spare room revamp, a second home, or simply a room refresh.

By it's very nature, a Berber rug offers a sublime combinations of luxury and naivety. In many ways this is the most hones of all rugs.  Made in the Atlas mountains, their primary purpose is warmth, but the have a decorative purpose too; simplistic, childlike designs that lift whichever room they are in."

Luke Irwin 

 The Collection is made up of ten new rugs, each named after the colour that makes it unique, and inspired by the anecdotes and superstitions that surround each tone.




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